Book Love (English)

This is a collection of books that I enjoyed a whole lot and that your local bookseller might not know about, especially if you are not living in the US.

Since I do read most of the stuff in english I link you to the english books. If I do know of German translations, I put that behind the title.

For Germans: Please go to your local bookstore as much as possible. Anyways, my beautiful bookstore back in Germany pointed me to the big „A“ for the english stuff because it is faster and cheaper. And since I had to change to an e-reader because of moving to China that is different again.

Did I say that I miss the stacks of books on my night table?

There are books out there that are basically just everywhere (I look at you, Michelle Obama – you can find her book even in chinese language in chinese bookstores…), so I am not pointing you to those. This place is a little bit more underground.

For the feminist part in me I start with the female authors.

Since this place is not about earning money, these are not affiliate links.

Books on the Inner Work and the Enneagram:

Books on Spirituality and spiritual practises

  • Sarah Bessey: Out of Sorts. Making Peace with an Evolving Faith – The faith journeys and deconstructing Bessey and myself took went very different but I believe we arrived at a very similar place for now. Which is rare. So if, after deconstructing, you are still comfortable with worship and praying in tongues and praying for healing and proclaiming the word when necessary – this might be a great read. If you are still deconstructing and you are out there in the wilderness by yourself this is a fantastic read as well. Just got kicked out of her church because she is confirming the LGTB community. That speaks for itself I guess. And there is a new book coming out in October! Can’t wait for it. Gosh, I wish there would come a day that I could write as compelling and inviting and honest as Sarah Bessey.
  • Aaron Niequiest: The Eternal Current. How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning – My pentacostal upbringing didn’t teach me a whole lot about spiritual practises and I found out only a few years ago that I really like this stuff. This is a great start for anyone who is new to this.
  • Casey Tygrett: Becoming curious. The spiritual practise of asking questions – The mindset of curiousity and asking questions has helped me so much to calm down the judgemental side in me which is a big help in living overseas (f.e.).

Books on the specifics: Bible, Prayer, Church, Women, Missions